Mossarium is a brand about our love towards plants & nature.

Our main purpose is to design & simulate the nature and incorporating forest element into our living space.

Spending time in forest is good for our mental, physical and social wellbeing. So how do we continue to experience the wellbeing benefits of tree and forest whilst staying in the City?

In Touch with Nature is a form of having a “Forest” in our living space. It is no longer a dream to own a piece of Nature.

Our dream is to bring this love towards Nature to every person we came across thru “Terrarium, Lifestyle & Culture.”


Terrariums are the ideal method of having live plants for busy lifestyle. They are simply beautiful, low maintenance and does not require big spaces.

Enjoy these beautiful creation accompanied by Mossarium Specialty brewed coffee, using only the best selection of Coffee beans.

Time spent together with Nature, listening to the sound of forest while sipping a cup of coffee are life’s simplest pleasure.



Mossarium most valued cultures are Respectful, Humbleness & Simplicity in life. Ensure continuous Good quality of service and product for all our customers.

Founder & Creative Director - Kenn Lim