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About the Green lifestyle

For the cilvilised development, the modern big cities has pushed natural wild plants to the periphery, while domesticating plants, trying to reintegrate plants into the city and your living space. With the same motive and passion towards plants, we have developed new ways to reintegrate plants into our modern living spaces, uses of plants to recreate the lost natural scenery in your living spaces.


Designing and simulating natural green scenery that reflects The way of Zen in modern interior spaces and Incorporating green in daily urban lifestyle, with an aim of less or low maintenance suitable for busy lifestyle, all through the R&D and engineering integrated system.




The founder, Kenn Lim

The Feeling of calm created by a green living space will encourage you to take a break from the hustle & bustle of life. Studies have proven that green or plant helps improve concentration and productivity, reduce stress level and boost mood.

Create your own piece of ‘Green Heaven’ and experience the calmness in your living space.